1. How much does it cost ?

R: Creating your your fundraising campaign on our website is free, we will deduct a 5% fee for each donation you receive. The fee is deducted automatically from our systems, you will not need to worry about paying us. A 3% fee will also be deducted from each donation to the Payment plataform.

2. Why Chioko charge 5% fee?

R: Like any online popular plataform, a website have expenses like employee salaries and benefits, infrasctuture, Web Hosting and maintenance.

3 .How to make a sucessfull donation campaign?

R: We recommend once your campaign is created, your share your campaign by social media facebook, twitter, wechat, any social media available to you, you share between friends, family, work mates spread the word about your compaign. if people really believe in your cause They will donate and also share with others.

4. What If I don’t reach my goal?

R: It is ok, you keep every donation you receive, Reaching your goal is not required.

5. What Type of campaigns can be created?

R: Creation of campaigns can be in different categories: emergencies, medical,  memorial,  sports, events, competition, charities, Pets, family, tuition, faith, education, community, creative projects and inventions, business, you can create any compaign related to those categories.

6. What type of payments are accepted ?

R: We accept Credit cards band Visa and Master card.

7. Are the payments secure?

R: All online payments and information between users and our website are encrypted by SSL Certificate, and your money is kept safe until you decide to withdraw. your personal bank and credit card information are private, being kept safe and secured, your personal information will not be revealed to other parties.