Anyone can start a donation

campaign either is for themselves, friend or family. The creation of the donation project is simple and easy.

online fund raising

Methods For Donation Campaign

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First Step- Create your Donation Campaign

The first thing to do is upload a video and pictures, tell your story 

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Second Step Share in Social Media

Share your fundraiser donation campaign with social media facebook, wechat, email and any social media available to you, share to friends, family and  workmates, people who believe in your cause are likely to donate.

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Third Step Collect your Donation 

For every donation you get you receive an email, you can follow up your donation campaign, once the goal is reached you can collect it.


Here are some tips and advices that we recommend to help you make a sucessfull campaign:

  • Story: Write down all about your situation and why you doing the donation campaign, we recommend you to write down a lot of details.
  • Pictures and Videos: Good pictures and videos, good content.
  • Social Media: Sharing your fundraiser is extremely important, social media it is an easy way and effective with to connect with people, sharing your donation campaign to Facebook, Wechat, email or any social media available to your between friends, family and workmates, people who believe in your cause will likely donate money.